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Kapow Workshops

Children and young people have been producing their own comics at our workshops. We proudly share their brilliant work. View the gallery »

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Project "Kapow!" was our pilot scheme. We ran a series of workshops inside and outside of schools. Find out more »


Kapow Con 2012

Rebel X-Wing pilots and Poison Ivy. Upside Comics goes to the Kapow Comic Convention>>

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You can be a part of this too. Your equipment and support can help us get to work. Find out how »

Drawing Comics is Easy

Upside Comics recommends the best selection of comic books for children and young people. Find out more >>



Robots and superheroes!? Rollberball girls and ghostbusters??? Upside Comics have been out and about. Our Adventures »


Big thanks to the good folks at Classical Comics for their recent donation to our library and thanks to the legendary John M. Burns for the use of his art in our workshops. You can order your copies of their excellent Wuthering Heights adaptation directly from them here >>