May 24, 2016

Upside Comics use comics and graphic novels to promote literacy for children and young people. We support reading, creative writing, design and illustration.

Upside Comics is a small charity. The organisation was started by people working in schools and youth charities who love comics. We believe that literacy is the key to childrens’ future success and happiness.


Steve Silverwood
Project Manager

Steve is a specialist in charity management. He runs Refugee Radio, a charity that helps refugees and asylum seekers. He has worked for The Childrens Society, the YMCA and TimeBank.

Tom Eglington
Workshop Leader

Tom Eglington is the author of two children’s novels, The Spellbound Hotel and The Stolen City, published by Piccadilly Press. He is a regular writer for 2000AD, having produced numerous scripts for Judge Dredd, Future Shocks, Thargs 3rillers and the original science-fiction series Outlier. During his career as a writer, he has run numerous creative writing workshops in schools.

Con Chrisoulis
Educational Adviser

Con Chrisoulis is a Greek/Australian multidisciplinary artist who has enjoyed a long career in comics in Australia, Greece and currently in the UK. The two volumes of his political satire Giant-Size Fascists earned him Comicbook of the Year awards in Greece. His graphic novel Dryland, about his family’s experiences in Interwar Greece, was a finalist at the First Fictions competition and will be released in 2016 by Markosia Enterprises. His comic about the early unknown days of Morrissey, Tales of The Smiths, will be released by Omnibus Press in 2015. Con has an ISCED Level 4 degree in Film Editing (2010), a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design (2014) at the University of Brighton and is studying for a Masters degree in Research in Arts and Cultural Research. He has worked as a certified English-language teacher, private tutor and lecturer. www.conchrisoulis.com

Laurence Stead

Laurence is a Primary school teacher. He developed the educational content of Project Kapow and delivered the original workshops. He is also an artist, musician and writer. He is the author of the Galaxy Voyage series www.galaxy-voyage.co.uk